Strategic planning and resource development to fund the future.

The president and primary consultant for In Sight Solutions, LLC, is Barbara Alford, Ed.D.  Dr. Alford has over thirty-five years of experience in administration, policy development and implementation, strategic planning, foundation management, program and curriculum design, resource development, personnel management, and teaching. Her background includes secondary school, community college, and university experience, private foundation administration, as well as positions in business and industry. After retiring as President of Troy State University Dothan (AL) in 2004, Dr. Alford founded In Sight Solutions, LLC, and has been actively engaged in assisting colleges and universities, schools, community organizations (libraries, hospitals, chambers of commerce), and charitable organizations. These projects have enabled clients to acquire additional financial resources, gain matching support for initiatives, design new programs and services, identify and develop strategies to meet needs and challenges, and acquire and/or maintain accreditation.  Dr. Alford also served as president of Wiregrass Foundation (Dothan, AL) from 2013-2020--a private grantmaking organization with over $100 million dollars in assets and an annual qualified distribution between $3 and $7 million.  Engaging with local and regional networking partners, she initiated and administered a wide range of education, health and quality of life initiatives.  Dr. Alford has degrees from Brooklyn College-City University of New York (NY), Troy State (AL), and Auburn University (AL).

A network of independent professional consultants works with In Sight Solutions, LLC, on specialized projects focused on strategic planning and development, evaluation, and grant-writing. Their areas of expertise include: higher education administration and management, early childhood and elementary education, reading education, special education, middle school and high school administration and teaching, educational leadership, curriculum development, counseling and counselor education, drug education and abuse prevention, family services, library development, hospital and health facility development, museum advancement, and general resource development.