Strategic planning and resource development to fund the future.

In Sight Solutions Philosophy

At In Sight Solutions, LLC, we do not believe in shortcuts. Quick fixes result in unfunded projects; or, worse, they result in funded projects that do not work for your organization or institution.

Organizational development and resource development require and deserve careful, client-specific attention. A successful proposal entails identifying critical issues, working with key stakeholders, creating the right solutions, and finding the best grant sources to fund those solutions. At In Sight Solutions, this is what we do—every time, every project.

The critical benchmark for grant writing is always the dollars acquired. In the last few years, In Sight Solutions, LLC has obtained over $30 million in federal, state, or private funding for its clients. But just as importantly, the projects designed by In Sight Solutions, LLC are successful in meeting challenges and advancing our client organizations. We understand that funders require comprehensive and data-driven needs analysis, meaningful accountability, and realistic sustainability. Our project designs incorporate all of these components.

Whether the desired end-product is a funded grant proposal, a list of best-fit grant resources, federal or state project evaluation, or strategic planning, we begin by getting to know your institution, organization, or company. We then tailor the proposal, project, policy, or plan to meet your specific needs.